APT works division is facilitated with fully established workshops (2 units) to take care of major Repair/Re-work/Services and supply of Spares for TG set and its auxiliaries. The APT workshop facility is sophisticated to undertake repair and rework of higher capacity TG sets of up to 250 MW.

APT can meet any spare parts supply needs through the inhouse facilities and reverse engineering or through our network. If necessitated, repairs can be carried out in the field to the extent possible and if the repairs require additional machining, it can be completed at our facility. Our workshop is also approved by IBR authorities for the manufacturing of equipments with IBR stamping.

  •   Unit 1 having a working area of 1000 Sq. Yards.
  •   Unit 2 having a working area of 8000 Sq. Yards.

Fabrication Facility

  • Plate Rolling Machine up to 35 mm thick plate
  • CNC operated Plasma Profile Cutting- capacity up to 25 mm thickness
  • Mig welding – capacity of 600 amps
  • EOT crane facility up to 50 tons capacity
  • The various capacity of Arc welding, Tig welding, Bending machines
  • Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • High precision measuring toolss