Rewinding of stator & Rotor

Services and Support

APT an ISO 9001:2015, EMS: ISO 14001:2015& OHSAS 45001:2018 certified, independent field service provider, offering New installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Overhauls and upgrades of all Rotating equipment. Were experts in scheduled maintenance, forced outages, and emergency repairs with our fully equipped service team, servicing all Rotating equipment including Turbines, Generators, Gas turbines, Motors etc., for all OEMs across India and abroad resulting in repeat business and positive customer feedback.

APT power plant service experts work in close cooperation with customers to improve the safety, performance, stability, availability and efficiency of power generation equipment. APT is well-positioned to offer full support to the customer needs. Our aim is to give the customer the best experience by providing a quick response on a 24/7 basis. Our service team consists of dedicated and experienced Engineers, Technicians, Welders, Machinists and Mechanics offering total service and repair capabilities.

Services provided by APT

  •   Erection & Commissioning
  •   Overhauling /Troubleshooting
  •  OEM Service Support
  •  Refurbishment and reconditioning 


  • Rewinding of stator and Rotor
  •  Conditioning Assessment
  •  O & M

Rewinding of Stator and Rotor

Stator Winding

Complete rewinding with new F class insulated stator coils with H class insulated turn insulation, redesigning and rewinding for uprated capacity wherever possible.


Complete rewinding with new rotor bars, insulated rotor coils, redesigning end rings to ensure no failures at the brazed joints, redesigning end pressure plates to prevent fatigue failure of end laminations.

Stator and Rotor Core

Complete removal, repair, varnishing and restacking of core laminations, replacement of entire core laminations.

Keeping Your Generator Running Soundly

APT is aware of the generators significance and therefore, we return rotors and stators to service in a timely fashion, with repairs in which the customer has complete confidence. For generator rotors, our Service Center has rewind bays, designed specifically for an efficient workflow. When necessary, we will engineer improved winding support systems. Also, for rotors, our high-speed balancing and testing help ensure trouble-free mechanical and electrical performance.

Rotor Services

  • Complete rewinding of new or refurbished copper winding
  • Retaining ring machining and replacement
  • Complete re-insulation of a rotor
  • Main leads inspection, repairs, and replacement
  • Diagnostic inspection and evaluation
  • Slip ring repairs and replacement
  • Bearing journal machining and repairs
  • Cooling fan and other parts manufacturing
  • Complete varnishing

Stator Services

  • Complete rewinding of Generator Stator
  • Complete restaking of Generator Stator core
  • Coil replacement with new coil
  • Core inspection, repairs and tightening
  • Mechanical inspection of frame, repair if required
  • Complete Re-wedging with new wedges
  • End winding repairs and upgrades
  • Complete varnishing