Spares For TG

A dedicated team stays focused every day on a single objective: satisfying every request for spare parts to be delivered in the shortest time possible. The spare parts unit is divided into three different teams. The sales team receives the orders and organizes them according to their degree of urgency. The customer support team is responsible for flow management and ensuring that deadlines are met. Finally, the management and ordering of stock are handled by the material management team.

Our comprehensive reverse engineering capabilities help the customer to extend the lifetime of the equipment. With our broad technological and material knowledge, we can advise the customer for improvements. APT has ability to supply high-quality components offers better value to the customer service budget. APT manufactures spare for steam turbine parts for any OEMs. All components are manufactured to exact OEM specifications and tolerances.

Major Spare Parts at Our Facilities..

We provide broad range of spare parts for turbines and generators.

Mechanical Parts

  • Main Stop Valve.
  • Manufacturing and repair of critical turbine spare parts like Governing components, Turbine blades, Labyrinth seals, Sealing rings, Gear components.
  • Manufacturing of thrust bearing and Journal bearing.
  • Bearing centrifugal Re-babbiting.
  • Oil seals & O-Rings.
  • Plungers, Sleeves, Piston & Piston rings for servomotor.
  • Steam & Oil Glands.
  • White metal Journal bearings (new manufacturing and re-babbitting).
  • Supply and fixing of Turbine and Compressor blades (all technologies).
  • Turbine Steam valve components.

Generator Components

  • Oil retaining rings.
  • Insulation material.
  • Varnishing Chemicals and paint.
  • Slip rings.
  • Brushes and connectors.
  • Generator Stator Bars.
  • Collector rings.
  • Hydrogen Seal rings & Assemblies.
  • Insulated Bearing rings.
  • Oil Deflectors.
  • HV Bushings & Auxiliaries.